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Why am I special?

The Why Am I Special? tool helps farmers analyse and identify the Unique Selling Points of their business as well as to provide them with related communication materials that will help in developing a brand, identity and market position.

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Yes, you can!

The “Yes, you can!” tool highlights success stories and interesting cases of Short Food Supply Chains across Europe to inspire farmers and producers to set up their SFSCs in their region.

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Label me

The “Label me” tool is a valuable guide for producers, farmers and other agri-food industry players to understand the importance of food labels and the current EU regulations to create professional and informative labels for local products from Short Food Supply Chains.

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Know your local food

The “Know your local food” tool is a set of educational material and webinars for educators and consumers that explain the importance of locally produced food through Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) for a healthy diet and human wellbeing.

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#WeNeedLocal Food

#WeNeedLocalFood is a social media campaign that brings together people sharing an interest in high-quality, nutritious and tasty local food. The tool contains a step-by-step to use social media to create campaigns, messages and discussions to promote local food in the modern society.

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