The “Yes, you can!” tool highlights 12 success cases of Short Food Supply Chains across Europe to inspire farmers and producers to set up their SFSCs business models in their region.


  • Learn about success cases from other producers that have implemented SFSC
  • Watch the Yes, You Can video to know about some of the top SFSC business models
  • Find detailed information in the Yes, You Can white paper

Get inspired!

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“Yes, you can!” booklet

Nowadays, awareness and training tools are essential for producers to learn about SFSC particularities and successful SFSC practices, as well as to acquire valuable knowledge that can inspire replication of those success cases and promote cooperation and sharing initiatives among them.

Our white paper includes 12 success cases across Europe to inspire producers and encourage them to keep developing SFSC business models

Want to know more about
successful cases of SFSCs?

A collection of 51 success cases of Short Food Supply Chains is available in the Interactive Catalogue on the agroBRIDGES website. The guide contains all you need to know to get inspired and make your own SFSC or collaborate with others in your region.

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