The “Label me” tool is a valuable guide for producers, farmers and other agri-food industry players to understand the importance of food labels and the current EU regulations, to create professional and informative labels for local products from Short Food Supply Chains.


  • Learn key concepts of labelling
  • Understand the basic European Union Labelling Practices
  • Create your prototype label for your SFSC products

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The “Label me” Guide

This guide presents information about how to create labels for SFSC agri-food products, respecting European Union practices. The aim of this guide is to provide you with a labelling tool to increase demand for your products and help consumers make better-informed choices.

Useful tools
for SFSC labels

We have put together a list of a few tools that you can use to create your label for your SFSC products.
The tools are free for anyone to use!
Click the logos below to visit each tool.

Check existing trade marks

TMDN Software

Look for color trends to design your trademark


Find royalty-free pictures to use




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