The “Support for food procurement” tool is an online training and awareness programme to guide policy makers and public food procurers, such as hospitals and schools, to include more food produced by Short Food Supply Chains.


  • Watch our video to learn the basics about Sustainable Food Procurement
  • Legal and food education is provided in our video and infographics
  • Have a look at the main guidelines of European Assistance For Innovation Procurement and Green Public Procurement
  • Depending on your profile, you can learn about how to implement tendering processes supporting local SFSCs or how to participate in such processes

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Essentials of food procurement for SFSCs

In this brief video, you can learn about how the Sustainable Food Procurement is included in the European Union legislative framework, and about the Green Public criteria related to Food Public Procurement.

As a closure, final conclusions and considerations on implementing Public Procurement initiatives related to Food Procurement are included.

Public food procurement training

Training for the private sector

Have a look at some of the Public Food Procurement procedures in the EU and at the current EU landscape governing Food procurement. Learn basic concepts, why it matters, minimum requirements and much more!


Training for the Public sector

Learn about how to prepare your Short Food Supply Chain (SFS) strategy for your organisation and the SFSC procurement phases you will need to undertake when preparing tenders’ procedures.


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